Moringa may well be unheard of to most of the western world; but it is far from foreign to those residing in (West) Africa, India, the Philippines and other parts of Asia. Moringa plantations have been growing successfully in these regions for centuries. The tree was also highly valued in the ancient world; with the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians extracting edible oil from the seeds for the purpose of perfume and lotion. 

Moringa oleifera is now widely cultivated and has become naturalised in many locations in the tropics. A rapidly-growing and drought-resistant tree that is multi-functional and can be used for food, feed, fibre, oil, medicinal use, cosmetics and water purification. 

A truly multi-functional tree! The nutritional benefits are undisputable.

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Moringa boosts the Immunesystem:

The properties of moringa leaf powder can be divided in the following vital substances: vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, anti-oxidants, flavanoids and anti-inflammatories. 

Moringa oleifera contains very high levels of vitamin A (ßeta - Carotene), B, B1, B2, B3,B12, C, D, E, and K. 

Some examples: Two teaspoons of moringa-leafpowder contain the daily value needed of Thiamin and Riboflavin. 

Moringa oleifera contains a lot of different amino acids, eight of these amino acids cannot be produced artificially. The leaves have the extraordinary property of containing 27 g protein and 38 g of carbohydrates per 100 grams dry matter. Moringa oleifera contains high levels of a number of minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium,calcium, potassium etc.

Moringa Products:

  • Food: The Moringa tree grows in areas with severe malnutrition.  Nowadays the diet of the population mostly consists of starch products derived from cassava , sweet potatoes or maize. So moringa can be an important source of protein , minerals and vitamins in diets.

  • Supplements: Due to the high content of nutrients moringa leafpowder is being sold as a food supplement. Packing is done as loose powder or in capsules.
  • Animal Feed: Moringa leaf powder and moringa seed meal can serve as feed ingredients with a high level of a variety of nutrients.

  • Medical: Moringa products are being used as a medicine. According to a number of scientific studies and publications moringa products can be used for high blood pressure, as an anti biotic, to treat diabetes and ADHD syndrome. There are also applications for pregnancy, anti aging , mindset (dopamine) and anti inflammation. Moringa roots contain a very high level of magnesium and sodium. Therefore, moringa root powder is often used to play an important role in fighting/mitigating the negative effects of arthritis. 

  • Oils: Oil, extracted from the moringa seeds, is being used in perfumes and different lotions. These lotions are used for skin applications in connection with anti aging. In different cultures the oil is also present in different alternative medicines.
    The oil can also be used as a cooking oil. The properties of the oil are very similar to those of olive oil. 
  • Herbal Tea: Moringa herbal tea contains a lot of healthy properties. The moringa tea can be blended with other herbs to improve the taste of the tea.

  • Water Purification: The cake of the moringa seed is used for water purification. 


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MoSagri stands for Sustainable agribusiness. To prove that we are complying with what we are saying and claiming we are in the process of being certified for organic production. Control Union Certifications has audited our operations in March 2016.