MoSagri to increase number of trees to 1 million for upcoming season (posted: October 26 , 2021) 

After successfully clearing, ploughing and grading the soil, we will shortly start sowing additional areas with Moringa seeds, awaiting the rainy season to start. 


MoSagri and the local community (posted: October 26, 2021) 

MoSagri Lda is taking it’s social responsibility very serious and has taken various steps to ensure local embedding of the project. During numerous field visits, MoSagri is giving classes to the local outgrowers of moringa seeds on how to meet the criteria for organic certification. Less than 2 years ago, moringa seeds had no economical value. Today, MoSagri is offering the local population a steady and predictable income via the purchase of the seeds that they collect. A clear stimulus to intensify the production of moringa. 



All of MoSagri's products are officially organic (posted: April, 2021) 

After extensive inspections and information sharing, we are pleased to announce that all of MoSagri's products are 100% organic, certified for the USDA and the EU. We are proud to be able to deliver organic products and will ensure a sustainable development.


Visit of the Governor of Nampula (posted: May 30th, 2016) 

On May 26th, the Governor of Nampula visited the plantations of MoSagri. The governor was  very impressed by the professionalism and the quality of the production, the plantation and the staff. The below article provides a short description, published in Mozambique:

ClubofMozambique article MoSagri


PRESS RELEASE - Change of Ownership (posted: April 8th, 2016) 

On the 8th of April 2016, Cefetra, Royal de Heus and BPH signed an agreement for the acquisition, each, of 25 percent shareholder ownership in MoSagri. Maropa, the parent company of MoSagri, will hold the remaining 25 percent of the shares. Maropa will also act as the management company of MoSagri.

Press Release Mosagri


MoSagri releases new promotional flyer (posted: Mar 1st, 2016) 

Please find below our updated promotional flyer, with the latest information about Moringa and our Company. 

Food & Ingredients Fair in Paris - MoSagri (posted: Dec 28th, 2015) 

Together with The Hunger Project, MoSagri was found on the Food & Ingredients Fair in Paris, France, at the end of November. This fair is one of the largest F&I gatherings in the world and therefore boosted MoSagri's network and international exposure. 


MoSagri has participated at FACIM, Maputo (posted: Aug 15th, 2015)

From the 31st of August till 6th September 2015, MoSagri has participated at FACIM, Maputo, standing at Nachingwea pavilion. The FACIM was a great success and created the desired exposure and feedback for MoSagi.


Please find the documentations presented here and here.


MoSagri has participated at the Agricultura Feira in Nampula (posted: June 6th, 2015)

The company participated at the Agricultura Feira in Nampula, showing its local presence and introduce the regions to the various benefit of MoSagri's Moringa products. We've shared a stand with the departments of agricultura from Ilha de Mozambique and Mossuril on 25th May 2015.